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Come meet or join our team of volunteers. We are always here to help you find what you are looking for. We are currently looking for volunteers that can give 3 hours a week or every other week. Please call 203-506-7684 if you are interested in learning more about our fantastic team.

This picture was taken at our ribbon cutting at an open house in Sept 2022

Some of our many volunteers

This picture was taken at our Grand Opening celebration in 2019. Some faces have changed as more people have come to join our wonderful family.

Spotlight On Volunteers

Meet Phillip. He grew up in Erie, PA, moved to Texas and spent much of his adult life in Kentucky. Phillip is a dad and grandfather. He loves kids and animals. He was a coast to coast truck driver for 18 years, thirteen of which he was a driver trainer. He has always been the type of person who has given to others. He was employed at two separate companies providing services to mentally challenged children and adults. For 7 years he provided respite care for 2 mentally challenged adults in adult foster care in addition to many others. Volunteering has deep roots in Phillip’s past. He volunteered for a local soup kitchen and a food bank. Phillip came to Beaufort to be near his daughter and her family and to help out with the grandchildren as a “Manny” several years ago. It was here that he met the love of his life Carolyn and got introduced to The Lending Room. Since then, Phillip has been active in every aspect of The Lending Room. He has volunteered shifts, helped to pick up and deliver equipment, helped transport excess medical equipment to our missions’ partner, helps with maintenance and repairing the storage space/equipment, and anything that needs to be done. He is an amazing blessing to The Lending Room and a terrific volunteer.

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