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A Proud Moment

Customer Support  Systems of Concord, NC gives The Lending Room a new laptop.

To help with the move to our new facility. John and Silvia Middleton donated a laptop for The Lending Room so volunteers can access the Vonage Phone systems and allow recipients to have real time responses when inquiring about equipment. The number to call is 843-524-2554.

A Deep Breath

Spring Clean for Joy

Independence on Wheels

A donation  from Beaufort Charities was given to The Lending Room. 

100 Women Who Care chooses The Lending Room to support. With Funds donated, The Lending Room is on it's way to finding a new place to call "home." What an amazing group of women making a difference in Beaufort!

The Lending Room's Alan Snyder makes it possible for this gentleman to receive a much needed electric wheelchair. 

The Salvation Army dropped off equipment donations at The Lending Room Storage. Thanks for your support S.A! 

You are a great partner in helping us help others.

Beaufort and Beyond

The Lending Room Sends equipment to Egbe, Nigeria

Charlie's Stories of 2018 (A dedicated Lending Room Volunteer)

Charlie helps The Lending Room by making valuable pick ups of larger equipment and dropping off (often assembling) equipment to recipients that cannot do so on their own. His motto is "You call, I haul"

Joseph Brown Dry Wall Services donate time to help finish the walls in the new Lending Room office. Thanks for your help.